an introduction

before i go into detail about the intentions of this blog, i would first like to interest you with a tiny auto-biography.

as you may have already figured out, my name is lissa. i’m a true enthusiast for academics, coffee, the places and people of the world, and books. church community a huge part of my life.

i haven’t always been a Christ follower. for the majority of my young life so far, i have spent every minute making just about every mistake under the sun and running away from any and everything that could have possibly been good for me. it is only by the grace of God that i am in the place that i am today, doing the ministry im doing and learning the things that i am learning. my purpose now as a Christian is to witness to the truth of the Gospel in my every word and action.

currently, i live in lynchburg, virginia and work in full-time vocational ministry. i spend half of my time loving on high school students and half of my time loving on college students, sharing the Gospel of Christ with my life. to know more about my ministry and life, please visit the updates page, and if you would like to join my prayer and financial support team, please click this link.

this blog is a collection of my own writing and research, thoughts, and learnings about Scripture and life. my intentions for this blog are not to educate the readers, but to merely share the very things i myself am learning. it is also here for the purpose of sharing my life and ministry with others so the people i love can know the fruits of my life on mission and partner with me in prayer.

please enjoy the read.

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